Monday, April 28, 2008


This blog is a small attempt to combine art, poetry, reflections and research about women bleeding. Hopefully it will cause discussion and further open up how bleeding impacts women's life experiences.

by Art of Chad


FireBird said...

Hey I look forward to seeing your unique perspective and insight on this somewhat taboo subject.

Just this month te following letter appeared in my Uni's newspaper:

"Why does the advertising world acknowledge acne, psoriasis and a plethora of other unglamorous afflictions but not vaginas?

"... one may argue that the female sex organ and its menstrual cycle should be embraced and celebrated rather than euphamised into oblivion.

"... We grew up with overly perky women pouring blue liquid into menstrual pads ... Why does this perfectly natural process need to be sanitised with 'clean-looking' blue water as opposed to a more realistic red substance?

"It's as though everyone is so embarassed about what periods actually are that cheesiness, euphamisms and blue liquid serve as distractions from the fact that vaginas actually (gasp!) bleed.

"... It's a case of 'don't mention the big scary vagina monster' in a manner remeniscent of 'don't mention the war'. Who knew that 'down there' was so terrifying?

"... market research conducted by Kotex revealed that 94% of women prefer to use a euphamism than the word vagina (beaver was the 11th most popular term). This is a sad testament to the effectiveness of these campaigns in making women embarassed by their own feminine characteristics."

The Idle Introvert said...

I love this blog L.! It's fantastic, so interesting to read. A subject that I've pondered about a lot over the years. I'm just reading 'Enter: A Woman' (By Phyllis Berman) which you posted on a later post. Great read, so glad you posted it.

Keep up the good work!